ArtReview x Modern Forms

A collaboration between ArtReview and Modern Forms that considers art's relationship to the systems - whether ecological, technological or political - that shape the way we live. A series of talks, essays and artworks will reflect on how and whether art can help us understand an increasingly complex world

Talk: On art and ecology

Curator and writer Stefanie Hessler joins Sam Solnick to consider the influence of ecological systems on contemporary art and writing 

Artwork: Oliver Laric, 'Betweenness'

An exclusive online screening of Berlin-based artist Oliver Laric's acclaimed animated video 'Betweenness' (2018) 

Interview: Oliver Laric

The Berlin-based artist on authenticity, narrative and uncertainty in his work

Talk: Beating the system(s)

Lucia Pietroiusti, Zach Blas and Sebastien Noel on new ways of thinking in a conversation at the ArtReview Bar

Essay: A Brief History of Complexity

In this short introductory essay, cultural theorist Wendy Wheeler introduces the themes of complexity, feedback and emergence

Archive: Pierre Huyghe

Christopher Mooney profiles an artist who was among the first to take up themes of emergence and complexity in his work

Talk: On nature and culture

Wendy Wheeler sits down with Modern Forms to discuss biology, complexity and creativity in the first of a series of talks